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Trading Zero Days to Expiration (0DTE) Options | TradeStation (2024)


What is the best option strategy for 0DTE? ›

One of the most popular approaches among 0DTE traders is selling call vertical and/or put vertical spreads to capture time premium (“theta”). Many traders take a balanced approach and sell vertical spreads on both sides of the market.

How risky are 0DTE options? ›

Where the risk comes in. Because 0DTE options have a trading life of only one day, they may lose most of their value within a trading session due to time decay—a concept known as theta.

Do 0DTE options count as day trades? ›

Do 0DTE Options Count as Day Trades? If you open and close a 0DTE option, it will count as a day trade, meaning it is recommended to have at least $25,000 in your account to avoid the pattern day trader (PDT) rule. However, buying or selling a 0DTE option and letting it expire does not count as a day trade.

What are 0 days till expiration options? ›

Options with zero days till expiry, or 0DTE options for short, are option contracts that expire on the same day they are traded. When an option reaches this point in its life cycle, there is little time remaining to exercise the right to purchase or sell the underlying asset.

What is the most consistently profitable option strategy? ›

The most successful options strategy for consistent income generation is the covered call strategy. An investor sells call options against shares of a stock already owned in their portfolio with covered calls. This allows them to collect premium income while holding the underlying investment.

Which option strategy has highest return? ›

A Bull Call Spread is made by purchasing one call option and concurrently selling another call option with a lower cost and a higher strike price, both of which have the same expiration date. Furthermore, this is considered the best option selling strategy.

Can you go to jail for trading options? ›

Insider trading is deemed illegal when the material information is still non-public and comes with harsh consequences, including potential fines and jail time. Material non-public information is defined as any information that could substantially impact that company's stock price.

What is the problem with 0DTE? ›

As we know, in markets, nothing is isolated and there's always the risk of a “butterfly effect”, where small changes in one corner can cause big changes in another. Since many of the 0DTE options are based on the S&P 500 and related ETFs, the risk of a massive drawdown in a single day can't be easily dismissed.

How to profit from 0DTE? ›

The strategy is to open a position (trade) before expiration, hold it until you've collected the desired premium (assuming the price is within the profit zone of your strategy), then exit the position, or allow it to expire to collect the maximum amount of profit.

What is the 0DTE butterfly strategy? ›

0DTE butterflies are a low-cost strategy that enables traders to play the expected range of the market every day. The price of butterflies is affected by the expected move of the day, with larger expected moves resulting in cheaper butterflies.

Why are 0DTE options so popular? ›

“0DTEs offer new opportunities to traders who can now capitalize on very short-term directional bets, but also raise concerns about market volatility and the potential for sharp price swings.” Two decades ago, Bandi notes, most option trading was conducted within monthly maturity periods.

What is spy 0DTE? ›

Every option issued will reach the zero days to expiration mark. Therefore, every option will be considered a 0DTE for one day. The 0DTE term is primarily used when discussing SPY (SPDR S&P 500 ETF Trust), SPX (S&P 500 Index), NDX (Nasdaq 100 Index), and QQQ (Invesco QQQ ETF Trust Series I) options.

Which options expire worthless? ›

As an option approaches expiry, the contract holder must decide whether to sell, exercise, or let it expire. Options can be in or out of the money. When an option is in the money, it can be exercised or sold. An out-of-the-money option or an at-the-money option will expire worthless.

Does Robinhood allow 0DTE? ›

Robinhood Markets Inc., which offers 0DTEs on some exchange-traded products, plans to expand into broad index options later this year.

Which option strategy is best for expiry day? ›

Option Expiry Day Strategy Meaning

Within options contracts, two fundamental types prevail: call options and put options. Call options empower the holder to purchase the asset on or before the expiry date. Conversely, with put options you have the right to sell the underlying asset before or on the expiry date.

What is statistically the best option strategy? ›

1. Bull Call Spread. A bull call spread strategy is driven by a bullish outlook. It involves purchasing a call option with a lower strike price while concurrently selling one with a higher strike price, positioning you to profit from an anticipated gradual increase in the stock's value.

Is there any zero loss option strategy? ›

There is only one “Zero loss strategy”

Yes, there is one zero-loss strategy in the stock market and that is to “sit on cash”.


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