Sdn Cardiology Fellowship 2024 (2024)

1. Cardiology Fellowship Match 2023-2024 - Student Doctor Network

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  • Hey! I have not been able to find a thread for the general cardiovascular fellowship match for the new season. Starting this up!

Cardiology Fellowship Match 2023-2024 - Student Doctor Network

2. Cardiology - Student Doctor Network

  • Cardiology Fellowship Match... · Cardiology fellowship... · Cardiology Salary?

  • Cardiology discussion forum.

Cardiology - Student Doctor Network

3. Fellowship Match Data & Reports - NRMP

Fellowship Match Data & Reports - NRMP

4. Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Match - SCAI

  • Dates for the 2024 Interventional Cardiology Fellowship Match for 2025 Appointments · Match Opens for User Registration: August 21, 2024 · Rank Order List Opens: ...

  • SCAI® is a registered trademark of the Society for Cardiovascular Angiography & Interventions.

5. Recent Graduates | Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

  • Recent Graduates ; 100% Fellows Pursue Subspecialty Training After Graduation 2020-2017 (Last 4 Years Straight) ; 35 % of Fellows Pursue Academic Med ; 65 % of ...

  • 100%   Fellows Pursue Subspecialty Training After Graduation 2020-2017 (Last 4 Years Straight) 35 % of Fellows Pursue Academic Med 65 % of Fellows Pursue Hospital/Private Practice 100% of Fellows Complete Cardiology Boards 83 % of Fellows Complete National Board of Echocardiography During General Cardiology Training 249      Average Step 1 Board Score “ Tremendous skill set and experience [...]

Recent Graduates | Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship

6. Cardiology Forums - MedWorm

  • Cardiology Forums Cardiology RSS feed This is an RSS file ... Source: Student Doctor Network - April 28, 2024 ... fellowship. I do have projects that I am working ...

  • Hospitals where PICU attendings care for congenital heart disease?Does anyone have examples of academic hospitals where PICU attendings [who did not undergo further training in CVICU or cardiology] care for at least a moderate volume of kids with congenital heart disease (from just overnight coverage, to actually rounding and being the ICU attending for them), including single ventricles, cardiac ECMO, or heart transplants? Is this structure more common in mixed units, or in places where the pediatric cardiac ICU is more under the umbrella of... Read more (Source: Student Doctor Network) Source: Student Doctor Network - May 3, 2024 Category: Universities & Medical Training Authors: dynamicsingleventricle Tags: Pediatrics Source Type: forums

7. 2023-2024 Cardiology Fellows - Renaissance School of Medicine

  • 2023-2024 Cardiology Fellows ; Heslin. Ryan Heslin, MBA, MD Residency: Stony Brook University Hospital ; Kim. Paul Kim, MD Residency: Montefiore Medical Center/ ...

  • 3rd Year Fellows

8. General Cardiology Fellowship

  • Director, General Cardiology Fellowship Program Director, Women's Cardiac Center. Current Fellows. Click here to view our 2023 – 2024 Fellows Photoboard.

  • Overview The Brown Fellowship in Cardiovascular Disease is a clinically and academically rigorous program that prepares fellows to function as experts in the field of general clinical cardiology, as well as providing a solid foundation for subspecialty training and careers in cardiovascular research. Brown’s dedicated faculty are committed to fostering an atmosphere of collegiality. Essential tenets to Brown’s teaching philosophy include the availability of faculty, the creation of a positive and supportive learning environment, a team approach to patient care and research, and the ability to individualize curriculum to support each fellow’s career goals. Katharine A. French, MD, MPH Director, General Cardiology Fellowship Program Director, Women’s Cardiac Center Current Fellows Click here to view our 2023 – 2024 Fellows Photoboard. Curriculum: The 2+1 Model Brown University’s educational philosophy emphasizes the importance of an “open curriculum” to support the individual needs and interests of its learners. The Brown General Cardiology Fellowship embraces this philosophy in it’s 2+1 curriculum model. The 3-year fellowship is broken down into two years of core clinical curriculum followed by one year of elective time. In the third year, the fellow may select to focus on advanced training in a number of areas including noninvasive imaging, invasive cardiology, electrophysiology and/or cardiovascular research. Core Rotation Descriptions Training Sites Rhode Island Hospital is...

General Cardiology Fellowship

9. General Cardiology Fellowship

  • General Cardiology Fellowship. Application Deadline, July 31st. Number of positions, 7. Length of program, 3 or 4 years. Program start date, July 1st, 2024 ...

  • The General Cardiology Fellowship at Columbia provides superb clinical and research training at one of the nation’s best cardiology programs in an outstanding and supportive environment.

General Cardiology Fellowship

10. Specialty Overview: Internal Medicine - Cardiology - Student Doctor Network

  • ... cardiac electrophysiology and post-fellowship training in nuclear cardiology and cardiac catheterization. Values & Personality Traits of Physicians in ...

  • SDN s Medical Specialty Selector Find out more information on Cardiology.

Specialty Overview: Internal Medicine - Cardiology - Student Doctor Network

11. UCLA Cardiology Fellowship (@uclaCVfellows) / X

  • UCLA Cardiology Fellowship | #bruinhearts | Account managed by current UCLA Cardiology Chief fellows ... Cardiology Chief fellows ... Introducing for 2024-2025…* ...

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Sdn Cardiology Fellowship 2024 (2024)


What is the acceptance rate for cardiology fellowships? ›

Number of Applicants, Programs, and Match Rates

The percentage of applicants that matched to a Cardiovascular Disease Fellowship program increased from 61% (718/1184) in 2010 to 66% (1045/1575) in 2021 (P=0.090, Figure 1), but this increase did not reach statistical significance.

What are the chances of getting a cardiology fellowship? ›

The percentage of applicants that matched increased from 61% in 2010 to 66% in 2021 (P=0.090). The average match rate was 70% over the study period.

What is the new cardiology fellowship 2024? ›

Fellows 2024 is a case-based program covering key concepts in interventional cardiovascular medicine. Fellows, other early-career physicians, mid-career physicians, nurses, and technologists can learn and refresh skills in all facets of coronary, structural, and endovascular interventions.

Is it hard to get a cardiology fellowship? ›

The Cardiology fellowship application process is very competitive and require application materials such as resumes, letters of recommendation, and test results. All applicants must also undergo a day long interview with multiple faculty including a program director interview.

What is the highest paying cardiology subspecialty? ›

High Paying Cardiologist Jobs
  • Electrophysiologist. Salary range: $108,000-$400,000 per year. ...
  • Interventional Cardiologist. Salary range: $320,000-$400,000 per year. ...
  • Invasive Cardiologist. Salary range: $341,000-$400,000 per year. ...
  • Physician Non Invasive Cardiologist. ...
  • Pediatric Cardiologist. ...
  • Cardiovascular Specialist.

What is the average age of a cardiology fellow? ›

The mean age of a cardiology fellow in the first year of fellowship is 31.8 years old and the mean average in the United States for first pregnancy in college-educated women is 31 years (3). It is expected that women enrolling in cardiology programs will seek or plan pregnancy during their training.

What is the match rate for a cardiology fellowship? ›

Cardiology is touted as one of the most competitive fellowships within internal medicine. According to the 2022 fellowship match data from the National Resident Match Program, cardiology had an 87% match rate for U.S. medical graduates and a 69% overall match rate.

How hard is it to match into cardiology fellowship on Reddit? ›

I am well aware that cardiology is incredibly competitive with a match rate just under 70%.

Does Step 3 score matter for cardiology fellowship? ›

Does the Step 3 Score Matter? Your Step 3 grading will not impact your medical licensing unless you fail because you likely have a residency before you take this Step. If you plan to apply for a fellowship, your Step 3 score matters a bit more because it can bolster your application to help you achieve a better spot.

How many hours a week do cardiology fellows work? ›

Duty hours must be limited to 80 hours per week.

How many letters of recommendation for cardiology fellowship? ›

Three letters of recommendation (one from a program director) Curriculum vitae. Personal statement.

Can cardiology fellows moonlight? ›

Moonlighting, or the voluntary delivery of medical care outside of the training institution in exchange for compensation, is a common activity of cardiology fellows.

Is fellowship harder than residency? ›

Medical fellowship years are considered even more labour-intensive than residency. The years passed in residency depend on the individual program, but generally consist of rounds, patient consultations, specialty training and practicing under the supervision of a senior specialist.

How many publications do I need for a cardiology fellowship? ›

The major factors associated with success in the Cardiology Match were the declaration of intention to pursue cardiology early in training, the completion of a cardiology elective in the home institution, the score on the cardiology portion of the PGY-2 ITE, and the aforementioned publication of at least 3 manuscripts ...

What is the personality of a cardiologist? ›

The personality traits of the cardiologist include devotion to patients' needs, ability to deal with stress, thoroughness in attention to detail, dependability, honesty, and ethical behavior in all situations. Cardiologists need a nurturing personality.

Are cardiology fellowships competitive? ›

Cardiologists are stereotypically extremely confident in themselves, in part because cardiology is the most competitive fellowship in internal medicine.

How hard is it to match cardiology fellowship on Reddit? ›

I am well aware that cardiology is incredibly competitive with a match rate just under 70%.

Are fellowships hard to get into? ›

Medical fellowship programs can be challenging to get into, so be sure to have lots of references on hand. Fellowship is also difficult to complete. Doctors have stated that their first year in fellowship was far more work than their years in residency.


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