MSP Codes 2024 (MovieStarPlanet) Vip, StarCoins - Ultra Compressed (2024)

Check the list of unused MSP Codes 2024 and get a lot of free vip, magazine, rare skin and gift certificate MovieStarPlanet Codes. Earn fame and become popular or simply get starcoins and diamonds totally free. Learn more about this virtual world game and see how to enter any of the codes in your account. Check the list more often to see if there are any new unused codes. As they say first come first served.

What is MovieStarPlanet (MSP)?

MovieStarPlanet (MSP) is one wonderful social game where the players can meet new friends, have some fun, follow the latest fashion trends and tend to become famous. Developed by the MovieStarPlanetApS company the game has millions of players around the world. In the game you can build your own character, give it a gender, name, look and personality. Furthermore you can build friendship and explore interesting places with your friends. The players can create their own movies, books, design fashionable clothes and share custom made creations with their friends. They can go to shopping, visit the MovieTown, play some games, chat with other people and even have their own personal pets. As the original game name associate (MovieStarPlanet), this is one another planet and environment full of positive moments and people who tend to become successful.

Currently this game is available and playable via browser, on PC (Windows), Android and iOS.

MovieStarPlanet (MSP) Vip Codes, StarCoins, Diamonds

All of the players have the option to use free MSP codes. These MovieStarPlanet Codes are only released by the official website. Players can get free VIP membership in MovieStarPlanet only if they win the MovieTown competition. This is weekly competition opened for all of the players. Furthermore the players can earn free MovieStarPlanet starcoins by spinning the Wheel of Fortune, watching ads and collecting daily gifts. The players can also get another in-game currency free MovieStarPlanet diamonds if they win one of the weekly competitions. This game currency is exclusive for the VIP players.

MovieStarPlanet Magazine Codes and Fame

There are new magazines in the game almost every month which contain a codes. These are created and published by Egmont and the player can apply any of those special codes to get free diamonds, starcoins, exclusive items and sometimes even free membership in MovieStarPlanet. The player can earn fame and become popular in MovieStarPlanet by asking other friends for autographs meanwhile trying to have the best looking character in the game. Other way for getting fame fast is becoming VIP member in MSP.

MovieStarPlanet Gift Certificate Codes

Furthermore there are MovieStarPlanet gift certificate codes which can be obtained only after making a purchase. There are 4 kinds of Gift Certificate Codes players can get after making a purchase in MovieStarPlanet :

  • 1 week VIP Star Membership in the game;
  • 1 month VIP Star Membership in MovieStarPlanet;
  • 3 month Vip Star Membership in MSP;
  • 1 year Vip Star Membership in MovieStarPlanet;

To clarify these codes are created and offered only by the official website. Therefore these codes are usually released on some special occasions or at some random time. Furthermore you can find the same on their official Twitter Page here. You need to know that you must be the first who will enter the code in your account. If you are late and some other player has already entered the code the same is inactive and cannot be entered for the second time. When the code is entered for the second time you will see a message that the code has been already used by another player.

How to apply any of the MSP Codes in your account?

You can apply any of these MSP Codes at your MovieStarPlanet account very easy. It is good to mention again that in some case such as winning the MovieTown competion you can get VIP Membership totally free. Furthermore take a note that some of the MSP Codes are necessary to obtain or unlock special items. During the gameplay the starcoins, diamonds and fame are one of the most important things which player should tend to achieve. To clarify there is only one way to get free VIP membership in MovieStarPlanet and that is only if you win the MovieTown Competition. The other way to become VIP in MSP is to make a purchase.

Follow these steps to enter any of the unused MSP Codes in your MovieStarPlanet account:

  • Please visit the official website here;
  • Once you are there enter your username and password to login in your account. If you don’t have account make sure to register first.
  • When you are in your account dashboard, click on the settings button in your top right corner;
  • Furthermore you will see that the first two options are Redeem MSP Code and Redeem MSP Gift Certificate Code;
  • Choose any of those two, write your code and click on redeem button;
  • After that you should get the item, membership or gift certificate in your account ;
  • That’s it.

For example you can see some of the steps shown in the pictures below. Follow the red rounded line.

MSP Codes 2024 (MovieStarPlanet) Vip, StarCoins - Ultra Compressed (1)
MSP Codes 2024 (MovieStarPlanet) Vip, StarCoins - Ultra Compressed (2)
MSP Codes 2024 (MovieStarPlanet) Vip, StarCoins - Ultra Compressed (3)

MSP (MovieStarPlanet) Codes List

Please take your time to check all of the MSP Codes posted below and see if some worked for you. Also take a note that these are the same and the only official codes posted on the MovieStarPlanet Official Twitter Page too. Therefore make sure to check there more often too.

Please use the pagination or next button to see more codes.

PUWJNFUNVVDecember 25, 2019
JKXIUBAUHFDecember 25, 2019
RDWLNEBHGUDecember 25, 2019
JPHLMMJVNJDecember 25, 2019
RKTJCDBQKODecember 25, 2019
KAGCHXVGXUDecember 25, 2019
RKVJGNQRITDecember 25, 2019
KAQHWPSVXVDecember 25, 2019
RYQDFIXTEEDecember 25, 2019
KPDOJGTNVYDecember 25, 2019
TIGANXQHVTDecember 25, 2019
LPWAMHFENWDecember 25, 2019
VGLSELHOBMDecember 25, 2019
MGERUTMPEHDecember 25, 2019
WMRFXTWNDKDecember 25, 2019
MWQEEITOFVDecember 25, 2019
WQKPYXKIHADecember 25, 2019
POTVBTYWGFDecember 25, 2019
YOHKOKJMKEDecember 25, 2019
PUEKTGLDFHDecember 25, 2019
YRXKNKNABVDecember 25, 2019
DPJHRERGEADecember 24, 2019
VEWVBLXUFTDecember 24, 2019
EHYNYGMJLWDecember 24, 2019
WRQGXYTMATDecember 24, 2019
EIFLHXOFFTDecember 24, 2019
XCUXMQCNWBDecember 24, 2019
JHTPDDAIVEDecember 24, 2019
YPHDXLYFUQDecember 24, 2019
KSFSFMVFGVDecember 24, 2019
YWGTBKRNFGDecember 24, 2019
MYWKHJPPOPDecember 24, 2019
BCCMOLVYCXDecember 24, 2019
NMCDTJOSLWDecember 24, 2019
BMKYYKMWCCDecember 24, 2019
NMVORHXGBDDecember 24, 2019
DDIQDXUWWJDecember 24, 2019
PJKLPFSFTKDecember 24, 2019
DRRRNOJVIPDecember 24, 2019
QIAJDJDXRNDecember 24, 2019
EGYHKRRBLHDecember 24, 2019
SBUPWIFROADecember 24, 2019
FAIKIUYDPPDecember 24, 2019
SSJJBDDBUIDecember 24, 2019
FBTTOPQXQKDecember 24, 2019
UBXUXLQWUODecember 24, 2019
HMKIIATHTEDecember 24, 2019
OCTSEHYJIADecember 24, 2019
FECEWIFIOPDecember 24, 2019
OHWGNLAEEEDecember 24, 2019
FRQXYMBLHXDecember 24, 2019
OQIRPXXDTQDecember 24, 2019
GXMKRAKPIJDecember 24, 2019
PWABSXPMCUDecember 24, 2019
IBODNBBFIFDecember 24, 2019
QAQWWOSCCUDecember 24, 2019
JQIFIHUWUSDecember 24, 2019
QKDONWYMRJDecember 24, 2019
JWBWFMLXRLDecember 24, 2019
RAYPIUFTGIDecember 24, 2019
KRGTEIKCJPDecember 24, 2019
TANHNIALIVDecember 24, 2019
LDOGUKTHDMDecember 24, 2019
TKOXYQAVFSDecember 24, 2019
LUEGQBISTUDecember 24, 2019
UEQLNSHCDXDecember 24, 2019
NBRWKIDTRSDecember 24, 2019
XWTOVNVEJGDecember 24, 2019
NHGFPYYQKQDecember 24, 2019
EGBSJJUMAMDecember 24, 2019
GMHJPRSAADDecember 24, 2019
FCTFOXJLHFDecember 24, 2019
GQWFYEOWDDecember 24, 2019
HJOYKHMKHLDecember 24, 2019
PHAOHHUHFJDecember 24, 2019
HKLWTMVAAIDecember 24, 2019
RDIWXMYDUCDecember 24, 2019
HRTNGICARADecember 24, 2019
RXFIGMKNVODecember 24, 2019
IGMQXXSQECDecember 24, 2019
SNQXMBYDJEDecember 24, 2019
IXVMTFOTJTDecember 24, 2019
SXHBXLHWPEDecember 24, 2019
JUHKJNFNYVDecember 24, 2019
UBQLNQVROLDecember 24, 2019
JUIAAHSBXUDecember 24, 2019
UIJVGLMMAHDecember 24, 2019
KCQKNWTJGIDecember 24, 2019
UNUAAKGRFNDecember 24, 2019
KOCYQMASIRDecember 24, 2019
UWACTKGLYGDecember 24, 2019
MKGOTJDBFEDecember 24, 2019
XTQFFEXUUXDecember 24, 2019
NGAJVKRKETDecember 24, 2019
BMSINIORTNDecember 24, 2019
NWUBNHDDAPDecember 24, 2019
CDUFXDDDKHDecember 24, 2019
PGGWHFVHITDecember 24, 2019
CKTIUKYPUUDecember 24, 2019

That is all to say about this amazing virtual world game. Please do not trust on any other websites beside the official one that say that you can get a lot of diamonds, VIP membership or MSP Codes with following some strange steps such as downloading software, completing offers etc. None of those is legit and real.

All the information about the MSP Codes, gift certificates and making a purchase can be found at the official MovieStarPlanet Zendesk Page. Make sure to check it.

Also don’t forget to follow MovieStarPlanet on their official Twitter Page.

Most importantly we are not taking any credits for the codes and all rights for the pictures and the codes goes to the official website and the people who developed this incredible game. This post is just for informational purposes.

In the end thank you for following Ultra Compressed.

For more codes make sure to visit this page where you can find a lot of codes for other games.



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