Milwaukee Boot Company Debuts First-Ever Women's Line, Names New Local Brand Ambassadors (2024)

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Milwaukee Boot Company

Nov 07, 2023, 08:34 ET

Debuts Full Boot + Accessories Line for Women on DTC Site and in Iron Horse Storefront Location, Intros Milwaukee Husband-and-Wife Duo as New Brand Ambassadors

MILWAUKEE, Nov. 7, 2023 /PRNewswire/ -- Premium footwear and accessories brandMilwaukee Boot Company (MBC) is thrilled to announce the launch of their first women's line, joining MBC's handcrafted, quality men's product selection that embraces the spirit of Midwestern work ethic and the history of Milwaukee as a leader in leather manufacturing.

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Available now on both the brand's DTC website and in the brand's flagship location located in Milwaukee's Iron Horse Hotel, the women's line consists of four boot and four accessory styles (including a wristlet, crossbody clutch, crossbody tote, and convertible backpack). Prompted by consumer demand for an expansion into dedicated female offerings, these all-new products draw from Western- and industrial-style influences, aligning directly with MBC's love and respect for Milwaukee and its reputation. The essence of the brand's design philosophy for the women's line stemmed from the idea of harnessing the exceptional features of their pre-existing men's products and tailoring them to seamlessly align with the preferences of their women's demographic.

"We'd been hearing from our female demographic for quite some time that they had been unable to find options that were hard-wearing, but also elegant. We saw the opportunity to fill this gap, and are thrilled to add dedicated women's products to Milwaukee Boot Company's lineup.Our team worked to infuse a touch of femininity into the robust structures, ensuring that every product exudes both strength and grace," says Zaid Malack, CEO of Milwaukee Boot Company and Moral Code.

Helping to usher in this exciting new development for the brand are its new brand ambassadors, husband-and-wife duo Zora Stephenson and Kevin Blake. Zora is a popular local sports broadcaster who made history by becoming the first woman to handle play-by-play duties for any of the major men's sports in Milwaukee, and Kevin is a senior accountant for one of Milwaukee's largest employers. The pair met as basketball student-athletes in college. "We're a team. We do all of this together," says Zora. With roots firmly planted in Milwaukee, the pair are vocal about their love of the city and as ambassadors will be regularly sharing what Milwaukee means to them and working to make a difference in the local community.

"Milwaukee means so much to us…what it's done for us personally has been amazing, but it's such an underrated city you can get so much out of. If you pour into it, it'll pour back into you," says Kevin. Regarding their new partnership with MBC as ambassadors, Zora shares, "Anytime a company empowers people that it's working with to stand for something, that's something we want to be a part of."

Below are Milwaukee Boot Company's new women's footwear and accessory styles:

Launched in 2019 in their original flagship location in the heart of Walker's Point, Milwaukee, MBC's products come from a long line of shoemakers and artisans and operate out of family-owned, multi-generational factories worldwide. Part of the brand portfolio of Milwaukee-based premium leather footwear and accessories company Well Dressed Men along with other footwear and accessories brand Moral Code, MBC pays homage to Milwaukee's deep history as a leader in producing leather and leather goods with handcrafted offerings that give a nod to the city's wealth of industry and work ethic. The brand's flagship store relocated to the Iron Horse Hotel in June of 2022.

To view and shop MBC's first-ever women's line, please visit

Named for the figures and landmarks that have helped make Milwaukee what it is today, our boots are a hand-crafted nod to our city's wealth of industry and work ethic. We produce small batch leather boots and accessories, honestly handcrafted and priced, and are committed to superior quality and craftsmanship.

WDM is a premium men's leather footwear and accessories company offering turnkey development for private label production. This includes licensing, design and development, sourcing, packaging and full EDI capabilities and integration. Plus, at WDM we take quality control a step further. By owning a leather tannery and outsole factory we are not only outfitted with the finest materials in the world, but are able to ensure superior quality every step of the way. Our artisan workers are the best in the business when it comes to handcrafted leather goods, everything from premium footwear to wallets, belts and luggage bags.

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Milwaukee Boot Company Debuts First-Ever Women's Line, Names New Local Brand Ambassadors (3)

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Milwaukee Boot Company Debuts First-Ever Women's Line, Names New Local Brand Ambassadors (2024)


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