Jenxys Math Geometry Dash (2024)

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  • Play as a square block and get over all the obstacles in Geometry Dash Free game with fast speed. Let's dash! Jump! Jump to avoid the nails and spikes!

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Jenxys Math Geometry Dash (2024)


What was added in 1.9 GD? ›

It introduced two new levels, Blast Processing and Theory of Everything 2; a new user account system to save progress, the ability to select Custom Songs from Newgrounds for User Levels, four new colours, four cubes, two ships, two balls, two UFOs, and a new form, the wave.

Why was God Eater deleted? ›

On January 6, 2019, Knobbelboy finally verified God Eater. It was quickly rated within a day of its release. It was removed from the Geometry Dash servers on June 26, 2019, for reasons Knobbelboy didn't want to or couldn't declare. On September 5, 2019, Knobbelboy revealed it was because of copyright issues.

How hard is Orochi GD? ›

It is set to be the hardest level in the game, competing against many other upcoming levels.

Is clubstep the hardest robtop level? ›

Going with difficulty through the whole level Clubstep would be the hardest, with almost all of the ship parts being harder than anything else that Robtop has made. I can beat Clubstep in about 5 attempts though, since I've played it so much, so if I were to say the hardest original level it would be Deadlocked.

Is dry out harder than base after base? ›

Difficulty. Base After Base, while supposedly harder than Dry Out, isn't as hard of a challenge to overcome. Base After Base doesn't introduce anything new, but rather combines all the known Features into one Level. The only part Players tend to struggle on is the Upside-Down portion of the Level around 69%.

How long was Bloodbath top 1? ›

Bloodbath was also the first Top 1 Demon level to remain in the top spot for over a year, officially dethroned by Sakupen Hell on 14 August 2016.

Is cataclysm harder than acu? ›

Cataclysm is like 1 level of difficulty below both acu and thanatophobia.

Is bloodbath the hardest level? ›

It was said that this level is the second hardest possible level on this game, behind Sonic Wave upon the level's release. To date, over 400 people have completed Bloodbath legitimately.

What did 1.1 add in Gd? ›

It introduced an eighth level, Time Machine featuring a new mirror portal. Icon Kit additions included 1 new cube and 1 new colour. It also introduced the ability to dislike user levels, and commenting on user levels.

What levels were in 1.0 GD? ›

The Main Levels Stereo Madness, Back On Track, Polargeist, Dry Out, Base After Base, Cant Let Go and Jumper.

What is the nightmare code in gd? ›

The password for the level is 007813. The level contains 7,940 objects.

What happened to Woodkid Geometry Dash? ›

Jakerz initially planned it to be the hardest level in the game but has since been heavily nerfed. WOODKID was later redone with updated decoration. The level was set to be verified by [GD] Alex, but verification was transferred to Xanii before being cancelled altogether.

How many attempts did Knobbelboy have on bloodlust? ›

The level's password is 121296, the number of attempts knobbelboy spent on the level.

What disease does npesta have? ›

He has a medical condition known as astigmatism, which causes him to have blurred vision, trouble focusing on things, and hurt his eyes if he looks at specific light patterns. This makes npesta unable to play levels such as Killbot, Glowy, and most Nine Circles levels.

What was Riots worst fail while verifying bloodbath? ›

Riot's most severe crash in Bloodbath whilst verifying the level was at 94%.


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